When should we get rid of stress

When Should We Get Rid of Stress?

We all live in a society that is characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. It is true that we face tons of challenges, in different fields of life, including our family/relationships, career, health and fitness, business, etc.

As individuals, we all face these challenges, and ultimately, need to deal with dilemmas, disappointments, tragedies, stress, pressure, anxiety, fear, and many other negative emotions. Many people ignore the importance, or dangers, of such negative emotions; however, we all should remember that the consistency of these emotions can have dramatic impacts on our health, daily mood and temperament, behavior, and ultimately, the results that we get. When should we get rid of stress?

Do you feel this is something you can relate to? Can you clearly notice the problem here?

Sometimes we are so busy with our “routine lives” that we forget the fact that we need to LIVE. It is not “for how long we have been alive”, but it is “how good we lived”. To most people, there is a huge gap between these two sentences.

My friend, the problem is most of us have forgotten to live our lives. We have lost our motivation, excitement, hope, happiness, and laughter. In other words, we either live in the past (feeling sad, angry, guilty or regretful) or in the future (feeling stressed and anxious). We are everywhere but in NOW…. We are not present because we are not in the present…. Because our moments are either memories of the past or possibilities of negative events in the future. Is it not?

Is it not time for us to make a change now and to start living our lives? Is it not enough to be sunk or lost in dilemmas, disappointments, stress, anxiety, fear, and even anger, sadness, or shame? When do YOU want to start living? What do you want to have in YOUR life? Seriously… What do you REALLY WANT…in your life?

If you think enough is enough, and if you feel that you want to start living your life, I can help you. I have been in this field for many years and I know how you can restart your life. A better life, a life that you can be present in. You can be happy and motivated. You can be in the present.

My name is Alireza, and I can empower you to create a lasting change, through well-proven and systematic processes in minimum time possible.