Did you know that your mind can process 10 Quadrillion operations per second without you knowing it?  It is a fascinating tool that contains about 60 Trillion cells. All human achievements are the results of this wonderful tool.
Your mind creates thoughts and emotions for you so that you experience a meaningful life. It is said that people have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. The reality is that not only most of these thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday, but also are they negative and destructive thoughts. Therefore, we are either dwelling something in the past or fearing something that could potentially happen in the future.
The second you create these negative thoughts, your mind releases cortisol, the stress hormone into your blood stream. Your thoughts create you!!!
You should be careful on what you put in your minds. Negative signals weaken your immune system and there are negative effects on your health.
When you are gossiping about someone, you need to hold negative thoughts and negative memories against them in your mind. You not only revise and hold those negative memories, but also you share it with other person you're sharing it with. The second you hold a negative thought in your mind, the biochemistry of your brain changes and you release Cortisol (the stress hormone) into your blood which weakens your immune system, inhibit the actions of your white blood cells, increase the chances of infection, and even promotes weight gain. All from gossiping and having negative thoughts.
Your subconscious mind has got one limitation: it can't distinguish between a mere event and what you imagine/think.
Most people believe that situations cause them anxiety, stress, or cause them to be depressed. The reality is this: there is absolutely no situation in the entire universe that can cause someone to experience anxiety: NONE. It is your psychological reaction to the situation that can cause you to experience anxiety, not the situation itself. This is crucial to understand.
Why is it that when one person skydives, their brain releases endorphins (the good-feeling chemical) into their blood while releasing cortisol into another? It is the same situation.  
You create your anxiety, not the situation.  It is you who can control your anxiety. If you create it, you can take it away. Your thoughts control your life and you are the creator of your reality. Use your thoughts wisely.

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