Most of us wish we had a better life: a better relationship, more money, a better body, a better job, etc. And we work hard.

At some points we are wondering why things are not happening the way we want. Why?

If I want to answer that question, I need to address many key points; however, I want you to focus on one of those key points: your inner world.

In order to understand this important concept, you need to understand one principle; and that is everything is made up of vibration of energy. Your thoughts and emotions are vibrations of energy; however you create them.

When we think consciously, we imprint into the subconscious mind and we create a new vibration; so, you have the power to create energy. At the same time, the subconscious mind reacts to our thoughts by creating emotions according to those thoughts.

We live simultaneously in two different worlds:

1. the Inner world (our thoughts, beliefs, consciousness and perception, feelings, and reactions).

2. the Outer world (other people's actions and reactions, circumstances, phenomena, and situations).

The point is that our outer world is not the main determinant of how we feel; our inner world is. My outer world can be complicated but in my inner world, it could be totally different. I can be enjoying myself, happy, confident, etc.). This is because “THINGS HAPPEN IN THE OUTER WORLD AND WE REACT IN THE INNER WORLD”. We give meaning to what happens around us.

When you overthink about your outer world (a shaky relationship or bad financial situation): It becomes your consciousness, and you focus on the negative side of it. Then you become hopeless and powerless. At the same time, when you learn to direct your consciousness to focus on solutions and new ways to get out of that situation, you become hopeful and powerful. This is the key.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your inner world and to learn effective strategies that can help you reformat your perception, thoughts, beliefs, values, and feelings, and let us create a change that lasts.

Dr. Alireza Sharifi


(647) 671-0002

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