NLP Course (Dual-Certification Transformational Program)

We are running an 8-day dual-certification program where you can become a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ practitioner.

  • Program length: 8 days, two consecutive Thursdays-to-Sundays
  • Format: online, session, and or in Person
  • Days: 10 th to 13 th , and 17 th to 20 th
  • Start day and time (December 10, 8:45 am)
  • Tuition (@70% discount $1,250 + HST)

About The Program

Have you ever wondered why some people are always happy while others are always angry withor upset about their lives?

Have you noticed that some people are constantly confident, optimistic, and full of positive energy, and some other people are always disappointed, pessimistic, and exhausted, no matter where they are and what they do in their lives?

Let us share with you a secret here:
The fact is: when it comes to living a life, there are two major types of individuals:
Those who live by Default, and those who live by Design… &…. it is all because of their
attitudes and mindsets.

People who live by Default adopt a Fixed Mindset, where everything is given to them. Change is not a solution. They just wish that change happens to them. They are constantly dissatisfied with what is happening around them. They nag, they get angry, they suffer, they have problems.
In fact, they have problem with any solution.

People who live by Design, however, adopt a Growth Mindset, where everything can be designed. They commit to change, and they make it happen through growth and development. They take responsibility for what happens around them and they know that they are in charge of their minds, and therefore, their results. These individuals are always happy for and satisfied with what is happening around them and they keep themselves motivated by setting goals and strategies, and then, they move forward. In fact, they have solutions for every problem.

Yes, it all starts with your attitude and mindset. And ultimately, it reflects in your behaviours, actions and results.
Which mindset do you want to adopt?

This program can help you design and transform your life, relationship, career, because it is uniquely designed to empower you to create a lasting change by understand your unconscious mind and to help you reprogram it for success and happiness and whatever you truly deserve, if you are committed to having a better life.

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