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Time Line Therapy®

Time Line Therapy® (also known as TLT) is one of the most advanced methods in the field of coaching and therapy. It is not a therapeutic tool; however, it is used by psychologists and counselors. This tool is proven to be highly effective when it comes to getting rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. As a highly effective set of methods, Time Line Therapy® incorporates principles of psychology, hypnosis and regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Gestalt Therapy and other powerful methodologies.

What Is Time Line Therapy®?

Every individual has a timeline that manifests in terms of a mental album to distinguish between past experiences and future perceptions. Your unconscious mind stores your memories in a temporal fashion so that you can know when something happened. However, our past memories may install dysfunctional unconscious programs (wrong assumptions, limiting beliefs, or limiting decisions) that show their negative impacts in our lives.
These dysfunctional internal programs are stored at our unconscious minds where we may not be aware of their existence. When something happens in our environment, these unconscious programs start running and we will express emotions. What we need is to uninstall (remove) our internal programs, at the unconscious level, to give up negative emotions from our past experiences.

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History of
Time Line

Below is a brief history of the Time Line Therapy®
  • Aristotle mentioned “Stream-of-time” in 1980 for the first time
  • In 1890 William James, an American philosopher spoke of “linear memory”
  • In the late 1970s, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, NLP developers, began putting together the theories on the storage of memories through hypnotherapy
  • In 1965 Tad James Ph.D. created the TLT
  • Publication of the TLT book was by Dr. Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall
Importance of Learning Time Line Therapy®
  • It helps you in releasing emotional baggage from your past experiences. This may not be easy for everyone, but it reduces the emotional upset through a quick adjustment to final acceptance and releasing your negative emotions.
  • It empowers you by assisting you to discover and remove your unconscious limiting decisions and limiting beliefs
  • It helps you learn how best they should react to the surprises that come with life.
  • It is a powerful tool for Creating Your Future®
  • It enables individuals with difficulties in moving on, to do so by allowing them to look at current and new situations without relating them with their past.

Benefits of
the Therapy

  1. It can help you deal with health-related conditions like insomnia, apathy, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and chronic pains
  2. It instills acceptance in individuals in denial
  3. It enables individuals to live in the present
  4. It assists in the management of temperament in individuals
  5. It helps you get rid of your phobia
  6. Release of emotional baggage
  7. It clears limiting beliefs empowers you with empowering beliefs
  8. It removes unconscious limiting decisions
  9. It helps individuals create a future they desire
  10. It is fast and effective in changing behavior

How Does Time Line Therapy® Work?

The Time Line Theory® is an interesting process that you can be done in an one-on-one coaching session. This fast, yet effective, process helps you create trance quickly. Unlike hypnosis, where a hypnotist tries to hypnotize you, you can create it for yourself easily and effortlessly. As a result, conscious-unconscious integration happens because you will trust your unconscious mind to do the process for you.

This method uses regression and it is done by the use of active imagination. The reason for its effectiveness is that you will deal with the root cause of the problem not its consequences; once the root cause is dealt with, the whole gestalt of the emotion will be gone and negative emotion will be released (and limiting belief will be removed).

In addition, the client does not have to go into the past traumatic events (to experience trauma again); instead, s/he will only get positive learnings from it, the learning of which will allow them to let go of the decision easily and effortlessly. Once the learnings are installed in the unconscious mind and root cause is deleted, the negative emotion, or unconscious limiting decision, will be released, or removed.

By releasing anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, or other emotions from your past, you become free and ready to experience current situations without your past pulling you down. Especially, once you get rid of all your limiting beliefs or unconscious limiting decisions, you are ready to design a new life for yourself. A new lifestyle; a new you.

In conclusion, Time Line Therapy® is a simple process that only requires your commitment to change. It is a powerful process that gives you not only peace with your past but also unlimited possibilities in your future. This is because it eliminates fear, which is the biggest barrier to achieving most dreams.

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