Are you worried that  your presentation and communication skills  fall short of matching your knowledge and expertise?

Communication effectiveness is the cornerstone of success for every individual or any high-performing organization, and yet, many people are dealing with this issue. What is communication to you? How do you define it?

Communication is all about sending and receiving information. And this is what we do all day long. Isn’t it? But why is it so difficult for people to understand us?

Why don’t people clearly understand what we say? Is there something wrong with our way of explaining and clarifying things? Or is it their problem?

Let me give a few simple tips about becoming a
  • Work on your first impression: Wear proper clothes and watch your body language. Practice your handshakes and greetings until you master them.
  • Build rapport with the other person: Pay attention to what they do; mirror their body language and match their facial expressions, tonality, and key words.
  • Sit alongside them: Whenever possible stand or sit alongside the person. This kind of position brings comfort and conveys a friendly message or support and togetherness.  
  • Listen carefully: You need to listen first before you are listened to. This is key to mastering the art of communication.
  • Provide genuine compliments: Research has proven that offering genuine compliments can significantly enhance people’s image about you. Doing that properly, people may even find you thinner, taller, and younger than you are.
  • Maintain eye contact: By maintaining eye contact you can show the other person that you are interested in communicating. You do not have to stare at them all the time; instead, you need to maintain proper eye contact to keep that connection.
  • Use open body gesture: By showing open gesture, you show the audience that you are open and flexible. This encourages them to talk more.

You can always improve your communications skills and there are always areas to improve. Contact me if you want to learn these key skills effectively so that you can apply them all in your personal and professional life.

Dr. Alireza Sharifi

(647) 71-0002

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