Have you ever done any personality tests? Are you familiar with names such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DISK, or Big-Five Factor? If your answer to the last question is a yes, what did you learn from it?
Before I talk about the biggest problem with these tests let us define personality: this term is defined as patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that form a distinctive character. In other words, personality is the set of behaviors, thoughts, and emotional patterns of a person. This means that your personality is a combination of the way you think, feel and act.
Although personality tests are good and useful, there are some problems about them. Here are the main 3 problems:
  • Lack of Self-Awareness: This is one of the main problems with personality tests. This is probably because individuals who answer questions are not aware of their deep patterns of thoughts, emotions, or behaviours. There might be wrong judgements or perceptions. As a result, if you do a test a few weeks after your initial attempt, you can get different results. This will result in  Inconsistency in Results. 
  • Bias: Besides lack of awareness and understanding in doing tests, individuals might be biased about their behaviours. They might overrate their patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions to represent their desired self. Therefore, wrong inputs will lead to  Unreliability. 
  • Labelling People: This is the third, and probably the biggest, problem. Personality tests put people in inboxes and label them. This might lead to more limitations. Why? Because after doing these tests, individuals may underestimate their abilities to change what results claimed about them. Since they are labelled, they might not want to change their patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.
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