The Time Line Theory®  is an interesting process that you can be done in a one-on-one coaching session. This fast, yet effective, the process helps you create trance quickly.

Unlike hypnosis, where a hypnotist tries to hypnotize you, you can create it for yourself easily and effortlessly. As a result, conscious-unconscious integration happens because you will trust your unconscious mind to do the process for you.


This method uses regression and it is done by the use of active imagination. The reason for its effectiveness is that you will deal with the root cause of the problem, not its consequences; once the root cause is dealt with, the whole gestalt of the emotion will be gone and negative emotion will be released (and limiting belief will be removed).

In addition, the client does not have to go into the past traumatic events (to experience trauma again); instead, s/he will only get positive learnings from it, the learning of which will allow them to let go of the decision easily and effortlessly. Once the learnings are installed in the unconscious mind and the root cause is deleted, the negative emotion, or unconscious limiting decision, will be released, or removed.

By releasing anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, or other emotions from your past, you become free and ready to experience current situations without your past pulling you down. Especially, once you get rid of all your limiting beliefs or unconscious limiting decisions, you are ready to design a new life for yourself. A new lifestyle; a new you.

In conclusion, Time Line Therapy® is a simple process that only requires your commitment to change. It is a powerful process that gives you not only peace with your past but also unlimited possibilities in your future. This is because it eliminates fear, which is the biggest barrier to achieving most dreams.

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Dr. Alireza Sharifi


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