My Mission

my mission

Business and Relationship Improvement

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Business and Relationship Improvement to Highest Level

My Vision

Are you seeking for Business and Relationship Improvement? My vision has always been to become the best transformation expert, who creates lasting change for individuals and business owners to achieve highest levels of mindset and emotional mastery in order to be achieve superior results.

My Mission

My mission is to create, facilitate, and accelerate transformation and positive lasting change for people who are dealing with emotional challenges, who are lost in terms of finding their ultimate purpose and motivation, as well as those who want to learn key skills to take their lives, careers, businesses and relationships to the next level. I do it through well-proven and systematic training and coaching methodologies in minimum time possible.

Coaching Methodology by Dr Alireza SSharifi
Dr Alireza Shirfi's Core Values

My Core Values

In my professional life, as a trainer and coach, I deeply believe in the following values:
1. Professionalism: The competence and emotional maturity of people whom I work with
2. Integrity: Sincerity and honesty, strong moral principles
3. Results-Driven: Focusing in getting moderately-challenging goals
4. Passion for Growth: Challenging status quo and embracing change whole-heartedly
5. Excellence: Commitment to excellence in life, career, and relationship
6. Behavioral flexibility: Respecting people, accepting them for who they are, and connecting with them.  

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