Every individual has a timeline that manifests in terms of a mental album to distinguish between past experiences and future perceptions. Your unconscious mind stores your memories in a temporal fashion so that you can know when something happened.

 However,  our past memories may install dysfunctional unconscious programs (wrong assumptions, limiting beliefs, or limiting decisions) that show their negative impacts on our lives.

These days functional internal programs are stored at our unconscious minds where we may not be aware of their existence.

When something happens in our environment, these unconscious programs start running and we will express emotions.

What we need is to uninstall (remove) our internal programs, at the unconscious level, to give up negative emotions from our past experiences.

Time Line Therapy™ is one of the world’s fastest and most effective techniques that helps you in releasing emotional baggage from your past experiences.

This powerful method can profoundly change your belief system, which makes you keep your negative emotions, for you to release your negative emotions easily and permanently.

It also empowers you by assisting you to discover and remove your unconscious limiting decisions and limiting beliefs at your unconscious level so that you learn how best you can react to the surprises that come with life.

 It changes the way you look at current and new situations of your life, without relating them with your past. 
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Dr. Alireza Sharifi

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