Our Subconscious Mind – Part 2

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In the previous article, I talked about the subconscious mind. I defined conscious and unconscious. Now you know that your subconscious is a very powerful tool which can help you get results, if you understand it and control it.

We also learned that we are in charge of our minds and therefore, our results. If we realize that we can change our minds, we will be able to get different results.

In this article, I would like to introduce four key rules of the subconscious so that we can communicate with it more effectively.

  • Your subconscious makes associations and learns quickly: one of the key features of the subconscious is its ability to make connections. To learn faster, it makes associations from the clues that receive through each of our 5 senses and organizes all your memories. Therefore, we will be able to remember things better. For example, if your teacher teaches you something in school and gives you an example, your subconscious creates a link between the concept and the example so that you learn better. When you learn this technique you can consciously assist your subconscious to learn faster.


  • Your subconscious is domain of the emotions: Our emotions are run by our subconscious. It helps us run the emotions when needed so that we can escape, fight or interact with our surrounding environment better. It also resolves issues by managing proper emotions. However, if it cannot resolve a particular negative emotion, it will repress it in order to protect us. This gives us a good clue that if we are having too much of an unwarranted negative emotion (for instance we get angry easily, or whatever our friends say hurt us, etc.), there is unresolved issue behind it. For that you can talk to a life coach to help you get rid of such unwanted and unwarranted negative emotion.
  • Your subconscious is like a kid: Its sole purpose is to help you assist your goal but it is not able to set the goal by itself. That is Your Job. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are the one who sets objectives for your subconscious. Once your goal or objective is set, it will start looking for ways to achieve it. In fact, it enjoys serving you but needs clear orders from you to follow because it cannot process negatives directly. Again it is important to remember that it does not differentiate negative and positive. Therefore, you need to tell it “What You Want” and not what you don’t want.


  • Your subconscious maintains instincts and generates habits: In the previous article I gave an example of driving a car. When we repeat a new behavior the subconscious mind tries to learn and optimize our performance; it needs repetition until a habit is installed. It corrects the mistakes until we get it right and do it perfectly. It also works on the principle of least effort, which means that it finds the fastest and easiest way of doing something new.


Now that you know how your subconscious mind works, it is time for you take charge of your mind and your results. Set your specific and positive goals so that your subconscious assists you in getting what you really wand and deserve.


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