The secrets of a great relationship

"The secrets of a great relationship"

Want to know the secret of a great relationship? In this blog, I highlight the significance of loving relationships & ways to revive the spark in them.

Everyone fantasizes about a dream person, as demonstrated in movies and books. In reality, no one is perfect. It is just the two imperfect people trying to make things work by keeping their egos aside and working to make each other a better version of themselves. If you ask a relationship an expert about the secret of a happy relationship, well, there is no secret. When two people are in love and continue to choose the other person committedly even though the odds are against it, we term a “Match Made In Heaven.” On top of it, the more loving the relationship is, the sweeter it gets.

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Why is it important to have a loving relationship?

According to Kirtly Parker Jones, Vice Chair of Education in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah, “People who exhibit a loving relationship have fewer doctor visits, less pain, and more positive emotions.” Apart from this having a loving relationship has the following benefits:
  • Boosts Longevity
According to studies, people who remain in loving and healthy relationships tend to live longer. Furthermore, Men who are married are happier and tend to live longer. Those who indulge in healthy relationships tend to give up unhealthy habits, and healthful habits boost their lifespan.
  • Minimizes Pain
According to a behavioral study, viewing pictures of a romantic partner is enough to minimize pain. A person in love would bear all the pain for the sake of the person he or she loves.
  • Improves Heart Health
Your main person makes your heart beat faster. It provides a healthy workout to your heart. In love, your brain releases happy hormones like dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. These make your heart beat faster and respond strongly to emotions.
  • It Strengthens Your Immune System
We often experience high levels of stress, which impacts our immunity to a great extent. People in supportive and healthy relationships generate more oxytocin and are free from mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression.
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Major Ingredients of a Great Relationship

· Mutual Respect

All relationships have one rule if you give respect, you will get in return. Being respectful even during disagreements or differences will make the bond healthy and fulfilling.

· Trust

Every person must show confidence in each other. Trusting someone takes time and years, but everything else doesn’t matter once you do it. Trusting each other means being completely honest, even if it makes the significant other uncomfortable.

· Passion

Passion is associated with physical attraction or emotional stimulation. In the context of relationships, passion can be defined in a strong, enthusiastic feeling when you are about to do something for your partner with which you are willing to do anything, or any form of sexual or romantic feelings for someone.

· Contribution

Every party adds something to the relationship is what we term as a contribution. They are often measured in financial and non-financial terms. It is either done as a parent or made as a homemaker. This is the highest level of love between partners when each partner wants to do something for the other without any expectation for return. These contributions take a relationship to another level. For any relationship to be lasting, contribution should be an integral part of it.

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Stop Limiting Your Beliefs about Love

Dating is difficult. There is no one for me. I can’t be in a loving relationship. True love doesn’t exist. These are some beliefs that refrain you from finding true love. All you need to do is incorporate some practices & work on them to find true love.

  1. Create affirmations related to true love and utter them daily to yourself.
  2. Say yes to a fantastic opportunity that you come across.
  3. Jot down things that you love about yourself daily.
  4. Do things that you have always been willing to take up.
  5. Show love as and when you get the opportunity.

Love heals, so try to appreciate it in your life. It can create abundance and happiness and form genuine connections in life. Once you change your limiting beliefs, you will become a better version of yourself.

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How to Rekindle Passion in a relationship?

“Can we rekindle the passion in a relationship is what comes into most couples’ minds. If the relationship has lost that spark, it can be generated again. All you need to do is put in the effort and follow the tips mentioned below:

· Communicate

Experts say that communication is the foundation of healthy relationships. The more you discuss what is bothering you, the better the relationship.

· Spend Time with your Partner

Amid our busy schedules, we often need to remember to give time to our partner, which leads to issues. Make sure that you make time to take time out for your partner. You can start by planning date nights or organizing fancy dinners to return to the old days.

· Talk openly about the issues or past

There are situations when you may experience anger or resentment towards your significant other. If there are past things that are bothering you, discuss them upfront with your partner.

· Explore new sexual options

Explore sexual options that can reignite the spark in your relationship. Try new options and explore sexual kinks about each other. Determine the sexual needs of your spouse. Sexual intimacy can revive the lost passion in a relationship.

· Compromise

One of the main reasons for losing spark is that couples need to share common interests, goals, and visions. A relationship without a common ground would be baseless. Make sure that you compromise and determine the interests and needs of one another, and at some point, you need to make sacrifices for your relationship.

In Conclusion, Rekindle the missing spark in your relationship, which will make your relationship healthy. If you have been experiencing relationship issues, consult me to improve your relationship. I strongly believe that the world can be better if it is filled with love. I have helped several clients form healthy relationships. Love yourself first so that you can love the other person.

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