The Power of Imagination

As human beings, we all have the tendency to imagine. Imagination is something that all of us do everyday. Whenever we are alone at home, or with our friends at a bar or a restaurant; in the car when driving, or on the bus or on train, when walking, even when talking to other people.

Imagination is a natural and normal process. In fact, it plays a far more important role in our lives that most of us even realize. How is it that important? Do we know how powerful it is for us?

After doing NLP and Time Line Therapy coaching, she got her self-image changed

Last year, a client was referred to me by a plastic surgeon to coach. A young beautiful girl at the age of 17 or 18. She wanted to do a nose surgery. The surgeon did not want to do that for her because, to him, she did not need it.

The client met me in my office and we talked for an hour. She clearly was not only dissatisfied with her appearance, but also she hated her nose and she felt miserable for having it. She thought her friends do not like her because of her “bad-shaped nose”. She had no confidence. To probe further, I asked her a couple of questions in our first session. Questions like: “how do you know that they don’t like you?” or “how do you know that they feel this way because of your nose?”.

Our coaching was actually short. After having only three coaching sessions, she got her answer. She realized that she was considering herself to be odd, not other people. She was looking down on herself, not her friends and others. In fact, her own imagination was responsible for that. She was acting weird and others were reacting to her weird behavior. That simple…

After doing NLP and Time Line Therapy coaching for her, her self-image changed. She was full of confidence and she loved her face. According to her, from the day she stepped out of the office her relationship with her friends and others improved.

  • Creative Imagination

    “Creative imagination” is not something for psychologists, philosophers, creative talented inventors, or motivational speakers. It is something that goes through our minds and affects our lives significantly. This means that all of us think, feel and act in accordance with what we imagine to be true about ourselves and our surrounding environment”.

    Let me make it simple: what we imagine to be true will be assumed to be true by our subconscious mind, and we will automatically feel and act upon it. If we imagine that we can never be good in selling something, we will never be able to sell. If we imagine that we are ugly, our subconscious mind will believe that it will automatically work towards proving that to us: that we are ugly.

    In his great book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Malts states: “The messages brought to us from the environment consist of nerve impulses from the various sense organs. These nerve impulses are decoded interpreted, and evaluated in the brain and made known to us in the form of ideas and mental images. In the final analysis it is these mental images that we react to.”.

  • Programming Our Subconscious Minds

    If you imagine and picture yourself doing something in a certain manner, you will be able to do it more effectively than a time you don’t imagine it. Create vivid mental images towards reaching your desired outcomes (like having a life that you want, better financial situation, a great relationship with your mom, dad or partner, etc.) through imagination (and make it as vivid and as clear as possible). By doing that you are programming your subconscious mind to help you get what you really want and deserve.

    Of course, this may not be enough for you to get what you want, however, this is definitely, the very first (and the most important) step towards achieving a better life.

    If you would like to know more about the power of imagination, subconscious mind and steps towards success, or what I do in my coaching, leave comments or contact me at and I will be more that happy to discuss further and help you achieve what you really want because you deserve it.

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